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Welcome to Myanmar (Burma)

| Words by Kian Rackley | ,

How we set about narrating the beauty of Myanmar (Burma)

A couple of months ago with a talented team assembled we decided to pick one of our destinations and build something beautiful to share with you. We wanted something that would tell a story and introduce you to this destination in a very personal way. Although we featured our tours, this was not the focal point of the piece.

Here’s how we did it…..

Welcome to Myanmar (Burma)

Choosing our destination

There is an awful lot of travel information out there about most of our destinations in Asia.We picked Myanmar (Burma) due to its limited and often negative media coverage but this often misunderstood nation is, as our clients constantly tell us, is also filled with inspiring stories.

What we hoped to achieve

The main purpose of our content masterpiece was to entertain, enlighten and inspire through storytelling and stunning imagery. We wanted the “wow” factor in terms of the images and for the stories to draw the reader in so that they could experience Myanmar (Burma) through the eyes of those who have already been there or now call it home.

Telling and sharing our story

Insider Journeys enlisted the help of four travel writers, each from a different part of the world, to share their experiences. We had the pleasure of

Jessica Muddit

Freelance journalist Jessica Muddit explores the vibrant and colourful markets of Taunggyi. Among the exotic experiences, Jessica’s guide tells an ancient folk story that reveals as many questions as it answers.

Erin McNeaney

Travel blogger Erin Mcneaney uses the great egalitarian vehicle - the bicycle - to explore the less travelled paths of Myanmar’s iconic Inle Lake. She finds that the wheels of curiosity flow both ways.

Michael Turtle

Michael explains how for so many years, Myanmar was cut off from the rest of the world. We knew it existed but never thought we could visit. For those who lived in the isolationist country, they judged how the world viewed them through the prism of international sanctions.

Dustin Main

Nine-time visitor Dustin Main explains why now is the perfect time to take the plunge and visit Myanmar (Burma). With his modest language skills, he reveals the few words you need to make a local beam from ear to ear.

Bringing Myanmar (Burma) to life

A key part of this project was our selection of images. There was no shortage in terms of candidates so this was one of the more challenging aspects of the project. Not so much finding them, but making the decisions on which ones to use Our photo editors used the images in such a way that they flowed into each other as each story unfolds. The images include a good mixture of stunning landscapes, typical scenes around Myanmar (Burma) and some beautiful portraits of the people.

Which Asia holiday destination is next?

We will be planning our next project in the coming weeks. In the meantime we would love to get your feedback on the Welcome to Burma piece. Please let us know in the comments below, on Facebook or Twitter what you think and which destinations you would like to see covered in future projects.