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Five Must-Eat Dishes in Vietnam

| Words by Ashley Diterlizzi |

Vietnam’s culinary scene packs a punch with a mix of vibrant colours, tastes and flavours. Known for their simplicity, Vietnamese dishes can often be enjoyed from a stall on the side of the road or in a top-end restaurant.


1. Pho

It wouldn’t be a list of Vietnamese cuisine if it didn’t start with everyone’s favourite noodle dish, Pho. Comprised of a salty broth, freshly made rice noodles, herbs and beef or chicken, the dish is widely available at all hours of the day. Locally, pho is commonly enjoyed for breakfast.

A Bia Hoi

2. A Bia Hoi – Hanoi

Microbrewery craft beers have taken Vietnam by storm, most obviously in Hanoi. The famous ‘fresh beer’ is the local’s drink of choice. Refreshingly light, the draught beer can be found at drinking spots on almost every block in Hanoi’s old quarter. Many Bia Hoi spots serve food and bar snacks including grilled dried squid, fried tofu, peanuts, fermented sausage and hot cheese sticks.

Food Markets

3. Food Markets

Immerse your senses in the local flavours of Vietnam at a fresh produce food market. Wander through the heart of the community and let the scents of fresh vegetables, meats and spices take you on a journey to the real Vietnam. Local food markets are often accompanied by clothing and miscellaneous stalls.

Street food

4. Street Food

The streets of Vietnam are often lined with single-dish food stalls, crafting food passed down through generations. Many of Vietnam’s popular dishes are available at street food vendors including pho, fried pork and Banh mi, a Vietnamese baguette sandwich, filled with greens and meat.

Rice terraces in Sapa

5. Rice

Vietnam is home top beautiful rice terraces in Sapa and along the Mekong delta so it’s no wonder there are many different rice dishes to try. Com tam is a simple meal of broken rice, often served with marinated pork and popular with locals and tourists alike. Sticky rice and burned rice are also popular and accompany many meals.

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