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Steph's Kuang Si Falls Encounter

| Words by Steph |

Our Asia specialist, Steph, has just returned from a research trip through Laos. Often overlooked is Laos' often astounding natural beauty, in this short article Steph shares her thoughts onthe majestic Kuang Si Falls.

This morning we set out on a scenic drive in out mini-bus out to Kuang Si Falls. After picking up our lunch from the local bakery and a 45 minute drive we arrived at the entry point of the falls where many stalls of souvenirs and snacks were set up.

We then began the short trek uphill through the jungle, on the way it started pouring with rain and we all ran to shelter at a little hooded bench on the side of the path. The rain soon eased and we continued up towards the falls.

Kuang Si Falls - Luang PrbangKuang Si Falls - Luang Prabang

Kuang Si falls is like being at Disney Land. You can’t quite believe it’s real or that anywhere could be so beautiful. As the water thundered down the side of the cliff we all tried to take some pictures that could accurately portray the astounding beauty in front of us.

A few of us were adventurous and climbed up closer to the falls where we got quite wet but took some excellent comedic shots.

Here we sat at the tables and chairs and ate out pre-packed lunch and marvelled at the lines and lines of tiny ants going about their daily business, unperturbed by the humans sitting directly above them monitoring their progress.

After lunch we walked through the jungle alongside the rapidly flowing river seeing many more smaller but still beautiful falls along the way. We stopped at the base of the falls where buff young male tourists were swinging from a rope attached to an overhanging tree into the turquoise water. Our group stood and watched this highly entertaining sport for a while before continuing on into the jungle to visit the Bear Sanctuary. Here we bought some souvenirs as a way of donating to the sanctuary’s admirable work caring for Asiatic Black Bears, many of which have been saved from the illegal wildlife trade or have been placed here as a result of habitat degradation.

After getting up very close and taking some happy snaps of the beautiful bears in their sanctuary we headed back to the mini-bus and back on the windy road back into Luang Prabang town.

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