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16 Facts about the temples of Angkor

| Words by Zoe Crane |

From our local guides in Cambodia, travellers and some hard researching. Here are 16 satisfying facts about the temples of Angkor.

1. Angkor from above

400: Number of square kilometres the Angkor complex stretches over.

2. Angkor Wat

4.5: Height in metres of the outer wall of Angkor Wat.

3. Angkor Wat moat

190: The width in metres of the moat surrounding Angkor Wat.

4. Angkor Wat

5 million: Tons of sandstone used to build Angkor Wat.

5. Monk at Bayon

50: The distance in kilometres those sandstone blocks were transported from the quarry.

6. Angkor Wat

300,000: The estimated number of labourers used to build Angkor Wat.

7. Elephants at Angkor by Michael Cunningham

6,000: The estimated number of elephants used to build Angkor Wat.

8. Angkor Wat

35: The number of years it took to build Angkor Wat.

9. The Cambodian Flag

1850: The year Angkor Wat was added to the Cambodian flag.

10. Boeng Mealea at Angkor

1992: The year the Angkor complex was World Heritage listed.

11. Angkor Wat sunset

200: The number of tourists to the site in the first three months of 1901, after the EFEO began clearing the site.

12. Banteay Srei at Angkor

2.06 million: The number of international visitors to Angkor national park in 2012.

13. Angkor Wat Sunrise

51%: The percentage of all international tourists to Cambodia that visit Angkor Wat.

14. The Bayon, gateway to Angkor Thom

$20: The cost of a one day pass to the Angkor temple complex.

15. Ta Phrom, the untouched temple where Tomb Raider was filmed

$10,000: The daily fee paid by Paramount pictures to film Tomb Raider at Angkor.

16. Naga Bridge

1 million: The reported population of Angkor City at its peak, by far the largest city in the world prior to the industrial revolution.

Visiting the temples of Angkor

A must for any visit to The Kingdom. Insider Journeys offer a plethora of ways to explore the ancient temple complex: all of our Cambodia small group tours include a visit to the temples, as do most of our tailor-made holidays to Cambodia.

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